What I miss…

Like most university students I moved away from home. This was after I stayed at home and travelled for the first year, and then decided it wasn’t for me. But for the two years that I lived in Sheffield, I honestly loved it. I loved having my own space, with my own freedom to do whatever I wanted no matter what time it was. I mean don’t get me wrong, I did miss seeing my family everyday…but I had so much more independence. I can even say I enjoyed being able to do my own washing…how weird is that?

I even fell in love with Sheffield itself. It had so much to offer than my hometown. Better jobs, better atmosphere, better theatres, everything. In a way because I’ve returned home now, I yearn for this freedom I had never experienced before going to university. I’d love to move out again no matter where I moved to…but it’s a bit hard when you’re attempting to save for other things like travelling, not to mention having to fix a broken car. In some ways I feel like my life’s on hold a bit…but sacrifices must be made I guess.


Eyes on the sky…

Quote of the day!

Keep your eyes on the sky, and your feet on the ground – Theodore Roosevelt.

I love this quote! To me, this means you have to wake up and realise there’s so much more out there then your day-to-day life. We tend to miss this, while we are so busy doing the same old routine. But…at the same time we can’t just dream our lives away. We need to make our dreams a reality by finding the right paths and taking opportunities while our feet are firmly on the ground…so why wait?